Paper Project : Introduction to MA Graphic Design

PAPER PROJECT : First project for MA Graphic Design

Paper #2 Paper#1I recently started a distance learning MA in Graphic Design with the University of Hertfordshire. This was our first project, an informal experiment in the use of paper as a creative material

I wanted to keep my ideas for this simple, pristine and elegant. I was also inspired by the vertical uprights of the Cranhill Water Tower in Glasgow which I recently photographed.

My images for the project could have been strange alien monoliths or ivory towers in twilight. I have a strong interest in ancient history, and there is also a hint of ancient architecture, temple structures from Greece or Egypt.

The quality of light also evoked a ghostly, mysterious quality which appealed to me, the shadows and highlights offering shades and textures otherwise hidden in the material. The towers were simple rolls of paper.

Originally I had wanted to include pin-points of light in the paper, like little windows or rays of light connecting with each other. This proved impractical however. It was hard not to damage the paper as I wanted to avoid crinkles or folds that would show up in photography, and finding the right light intensity also proved difficult.

If I could have made this work I would also have introduced small amounts of steam or smoke to create an atmosphere where the beams could be easily seen. A project for the future maybe.